2012 WEPA Scholarship Winners

The WEPA Inc Foundation board announces their 2012 scholarship winners. After reviewing the submitted applications, UW-Madison senior veterinary students Lauren Zapitelli and Kathryn Livesey were selected to receive the two $ 500 scholarships awards. The money is to be used toward attending the 2012 AAEP annual convention being held in Anaheim, CA December 1-5.

During the AAEP’s 58th Annual Convention, attendees will have opportunity to go from “how to” to “can do” as they develop knowledge that will transition to their day-to-day treatment of patients. According to the registration materials, educational programs offered will give veterinarians the opportunity to:

  • Learn imaging techniques to get a fast, clear picture of the problem.
  • Get the facts behind medications and their legal limitations.
  • Learn resourceful skills to perform joint treatments in the field.
  • Develop an understanding of areas of equine health that are inevitably addressed in practice, including dermatology, ophthalmology and dentistry.
  • Master the form and function of the foot for complete diagnostic competency.
  • Observe ethical standards of conduct to uphold veterinary practice integrity.
  • Prepare for critical care scenarios.

Congratulations to Kathryn and Lauren!

Lauren Zapitelli photo
Lauren Zapitelli
Kathryn Livesey photo
Kathryn Livesey