Fall Meeting November 1996

WEPA Fall Meeting Minutes

November 10, 1996

Oconomowoc, WI


Meeting was called to order President Bob Magnus 12:20 PM


Secretary’s Report was given by Bill Lindsay

  1. FFA Scholarship update currently $ 460 per year.
  2. Brian Oetjen fund $ 350 donated for 5 years.

Motion to accept was made (Jim Baum). Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report was given by Betsy Miller

  1. There is currently $ 8000 in the budget.
  2. Do we want to continue donating $ 460 to the FFA scholarship?

Bill Lindsay made a motion to continue donating $ 460 per year.  Motion carried.

Discussion was raised concerning how long do we allow members that are not paying dues to remain on the active mailing list.

Discussion – updating the list – ideas included calling everyone on the list that has not paid before removing them. (Many are not practicing, change of address, etc)

Idea was raised to have delegate at large update the list when they are arranging the emergency schedule for Midwest Horse Fair.

Discussion was also raised on what to do when different groups call and want a copy of our members lists for mailing purposes.  Dean Peterson made a motion to have the Governing Board of the WEPA have discretion over who gets the list and that there be a $ 25 charge for the list, with paid members able to receive the list free once a year.

Dean Peterson raised a concern over medical records section 453.  Records are to follow the patient and can be sent to the new owner without consent of the old owner. Discussion: Dean Peterson made a motion regarding section 453, that the section be revised when legal interpretation is completed.  This will then be mailed to members and discussed at the next meeting.


Dean Peterson gave AAEP update on district representatives.  The current plan to be discussed at the annual meeting would be to decrease the representative for our region from 2 to 1.  More to follow next meeting or in AAEP newsletters.


Officers for 1997: President – Bob Magnus

Vice-President – Bill Lindsay

Secretary – Travis Henry

Treasurer – Betsy Miller

New Delegate at Large – Bob Downing – Congratulations!

Discussion: Betsy Miller wanted to remain treasurer for another year and Travis Henry would move to secretary.


Motion made by Jim Baum to accept officer list as stated.  Motion 2nd and carried.

Motion to adjourn at 1:00 pm.




Travis Henry DVM