Fall Meeting, September 30th, 2011

The Fall Business meeting of the WEPA Inc. was brought to order by President Jim Schmidt at 1PM on September 30, 2011; the meeting was held in conjunction with the continuing education seminar at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds.

Motion to approve the minutes from the Jan 29, 2011 meeting was made by Lisa Reiter and motion to approve the treasurer’s report was made by Lisa Reiter and seconded by Judy Batker.

Old Business – WEPA logo sign was displayed.
Wes Elford gave the WEPA Inc Foundation report; thanks for their support was expressed to the vendors who attended the day’s event. Special recognition was given to Howard Cook, a long time member of the association. He generously donated $2000.00 to the foundation for scholarships and towards continuing education.

Liv Sandberg, director of Wisconsin’s 4H horse and pony youth project, gave a brief presentation highlighting the project’s participation, including 5800 horse projects for the state, educational and judging events, drawing and photography (270 entries), and vet science. The participants were judged by face-to-face judging. She thanked WEPA for the donation to help make this event possible.

Dr. Dean Petersen read the letter from Linda Pribek from WHA thanking us for our contribution.

Two scholarships of $500 each are to be given to UW-Madison veterinary students to attend the AAEP. Deadline is Oct. 14 for submission of the applications, with the scholarships granted on Oct. 19. One of last year’s recipients, Jamie Zimmerman, was in attendance and thanked the group for helping her to attend the national AAEP meeting.

New Business- Fall Meeting dates are as follows (to be held at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds):
Sept. 21, 2012
Sept. 20, 2013
Sept. 19, 2014

The date for the Winter/Spring meeting has not been set; look on the website for more information. Dr. Julie Nelson from University of Minnesota is the scheduled speaker. The Continuing Education committee is down to one person and we are open to suggestions and volunteers to help plan the meetings.

The doctors scheduled to speak at the WVMA are Dr. Howard Ketover and Dr. Lisa Nesson

We would like more information to post on the WEPA website. The website is maintained by Mark Hanson of Oregon, Wisc. No one up to date is responsible for delegate to the board.

Motion was made to adjourn by Lisa Reiter and seconded by Matt Schaefer.

Respectfully submitted by Matt Schaefer, Delegate at Large.