Fall Memorial Scholarship Meeting, September 29th, 2006

Dr Judy Batker brought the business meeting to order at 12:34 PM at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds. The meeting was held in conjunction with a continuing education seminar featuring Dr Travis Henry – Dentistry, Dr Sheila McGuirk – Cardiology, Dr Simon Peek – Endoscopy, Dr Pat Griffin – Mid-gestation ultrasound, Dr Francisco Rodriguez – Regional limb perfusion, Dr Emily Leuthner – Transtracheal Wash Protocol, Dr Michelle Krusing – Acupuncture, and Dr Chris Bessent – Chiropractic.

Dr Dean Peterson made the motion to approve the January 2006 meeting minutes. Dr Wes Elford Seconded; motion approved.

Dr Nesson presented the treasurer’s report. Year-to-date expenses exceeded income; however there were meeting and memberships checks yet to be deposited after today’s meeting that would provide a positive cash flow. Dr Ketover motioned for approval of the report, Dr LeVasseur seconded; motion carried.

Dr Batker introduced Dr Howard Buss, Dean of the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine, who presented reasoning behind the proposal for the University to purchase and operate a veterinary facility in the rural Delavan area. The following is a brief synopsis of the proposal: the school is exploring the financial feasibility of operating the facility; there is no timetable to make a decision for or against the purchase; the school is not envisioning an ambulatory service; the facility must be self-supporting. Dr Rodriguez asked if the university has checked into the local veterinary demographics. Dr Buss stated the Delavan clinic is not new, there may be some leverage for it being associated with the University but that may not last if the quality of service is not there.

Dr Dean Peterson introduced Dr Howard Cook, one of the original founders of WEPA. Dr Cook gave an entertaining presentation on his equine veterinary experiences and insight of how the field has changed in the past 50+ years. He concluded with the following advice: Value your marriage, don’t dissolve partnerships, learn from other practitioners, be alert to opportunities, and fully fund your retirement.


Kaylee Lashnits thanked WEPA for the scholarship she received last fall that enabled her to attend the national AAEP convention.

Monies from this meeting will go towards establishing the WEPA Foundation Inc scholarship fund. Vendors attending are paying $ 200/table toward the Foundation.

WEPA Inc will meet at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds for the next two years for the fall scholarship meeting. The winter meetings will be held on the same weekend as the University seminars. This January, it will be at the Marriott West on Saturday, January 20, 2007.

Cheryl Kopacz will continue to set a date with an accountant to review WEPA Inc books.

Dr Dean Peterson stated in his foundation report that WEPA Foundation Inc is set up to accept private donations to keep funding the Foundation. Dr Cook donated $ 1,000 at today’s meeting. The Board and all attending WEPA members thank him for his generosity. A new director is elected to the Board every year on a rotating basis; currently, Dr Dean Meyer is serving another 2 years, Dr Peterson – 3 years, and Dr Larry Mahr is eligible for 3 years.

Dr Ketover took a course in technical large animal rescue this past summer in Kentucky. Due to an unexpectedly large response to offering a similar course in WI this coming summer, two sessions will be offered in June in the Sun Prairie area.

A survey of membership concerning equine chiropractic care and legislation was tabled. Dr Batker will bring up the topic in the executive board session.


The subject of forwarding information from outside the organization to membership was discussed. Dr Borzynski stated the membership list was valuable and should not be abused. Dr Magnus believed the officers could make informed decisions regarding what can/cannot be disseminated to the membership. Dr Mertins motioned for the board to make such decisions in the future, Dr Nesson seconded; Motion carried.

Dr Batker offered the idea of members being able to place ads in future mailings to the membership for a fee. Dr’s Peterson & Borzynski were in favor of this idea. Dr Ketover suggested officers discuss this option in more detail at their executive meeting.

It was noted that we had to obtain insurance coverage for our meeting at the Fairgrounds. Capitol Indemnity, a non-standard company, was contracted for a one-year policy at $ 327/ year.

Dr Ketover noted that Bill HR503 had passed the legislature. A veterinary representative is still needed at the Horse Council. Anyone interested can link up their clinic via email with the Council, or you can contact Dr Ketover for more information. He also discussed ID chips for horses, commenting that the current 7-8 digit numbers will be going to 15 digit numbers in the next two years. Clients should be advised accordingly.

Dr Ketover motioned for the meeting to adjourn. Dr Mertins seconded.

Respectfully submitted,
Dr Wayne LeVasseur, Secretary

A special “thank you” to Dr Batker for providing her horse, “Canada”, as an equine test animal in our wet lab demonstrations!