Fall Scholarship meeting, October 1st, 2010

President Dr. Tani Ketter called the WEPA Inc Memorial Scholarship meeting to order at approximately 12:30 pm; the meeting was held in conjunction with the continuing education seminar held at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds, Jefferson, WI.

Minutes from the January 16, 2010 meeting were read and approved on a motion from Dr. Dean Peterson, seconded by Dr. Howard Ketover. The treasurer’s report was approved on a motion from Dr. Elford and seconded by Dr. Mahr.

Dr. Peterson presented the WEPA Foundation report. Dr. Judy Batker, Dr. Bob Magnus, and Dr. Peterson are the foundation committee. Dr. Peterson is serving his final year on the committee.

The foundation selected the Wisconsin 4H horse association for support by WEPA. The foundation developed a banner to be displayed at the major events held by the 4H horse association. A logo to be placed on the banner will be presented at the January 2011 meeting. Members are welcome to send their ideas. Dr. Ketover suggested placing the WEPA logo on power point talks by WEPA members.

WEPA will have a page in the state 4H horse show program that promotes WEPA members and towns where they practice.

In talks with the state horse council, Dr. Elford found they would like WEPA to provide a veterinarian for the Wisconsin Horse Fair. Private clinics apply for and currently provide the official veterinarian. A veterinarian is to be on the grounds 24 hours a day for each of the four days of the fair. USET suggests a $500 per day fee for judges at shows. It was suggested the fee be split between the veterinarian and WEPA. The fair board lets out contracts for the show. Dr. Elford suggested a WEPA officer obtain a veterinarian for each of the four days. Dr. Ketover spoke of the need for a point person to coordinate an onsite veterinarian with the fair board. Volunteers for this position can contact WEPA board.

Dr. Elford spoke on equine dentistry as defined in the practice act. If a veterinarian tranquilizes a horse for a non-veterinarian or Certified Veterinary Technician, they would be held responsible for any subsequent problems.

Veterinarians need to keep records according to VE7.03 for pets or feed and fibers animals, but horses are not mentioned in this rule. Dr. Elford is on the committee writing rules for equine under this law. He would like input from members on articles to be included in the rules. An example is, if it is not written down it did not happen. Write down if you offered radiographs or blood work and the client refused.

Site for the winter ophthalmology meeting has yet to be announced.

Thank you to Dr. Peter Sheerin, Dr. Andy Schmidt, and Dr David Kolb for their equine reproduction presentations. Thank you to the continuing education committee for their efforts. Ideas for future meetings are always welcome.

Motion by Dr. Ketover seconded by Dr. Kane to adjourn.

Respectfully submitted,
Dr. James Schmidt