Fall Scholarship Meeting, October 2nd, 2009

Dr. Jean Elmer called the WEPA Inc Memorial Scholarship meeting held at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds to order. Thank you to Dr. Mary Beth Whitcomb for her presentation on Equine Diagnostic Ultrasound. Thank you also to the continuing education committee of Drs Lisa Borzynski and Jennifer Thompson for their efforts. Sponsors attending the fall meeting were also thanked for their generous support.

Minutes from the January 17th 2009 meeting were read and approved by Dr. Wes Elford and seconded by Dr. Dean Peterson. The treasurer’s report was read and approved by Dr. Dean Peterson and seconded by Dr. Larry Mahr.

Dr. Dean Peterson presented the WEPA Foundation report. Dr. Peterson also explained the history of the scholarship program. Drs. Peterson, Mahr, and Magnus are the foundation committee. They and Dr. Mary Krampasky representing WEPA Inc will select the scholarship recipients. Dr. Larry Mahr gave the Foundation treasurer’s report. It was suggested the January 2010 meeting include discussion of possible uses for these funds.

Floor discussion was held on the compounded veterinary drug issue. Thirty to forty veterinarians have received letters relating to the use of compounded flavored phenylbutazone powder. Discussion was held on compounded veterinary drugs in general. It was clear that many in attendance were unsure of WVMA and Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing rules regarding the use of these products. Vets with questions should check the WVMA website for updates on this issue. Research needs to continue with the Department of Regulation and Licensing to ascertain Wisconsin law on this issue.

It was suggested the website be updated 3-4 times per year. There is a fee for each update. Few people attend equine continuing education through the WVMA. Mixed practitioners may attend more meetings in this format than would attend WEPA or AAEP continuing education. More discussion on equine continuing education with the WVMA may be necessary for other solutions.

The farrier-veterinarian meeting was a large success that WEPA should repeat in the near future.

Motion by Dr. Burcalow, seconded by Dr. Mahr, to set October 10th 2010, at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds for the WEPA fall meeting was passed. September 30th, 2011 and September 27th, 2012 at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds was suggested date for future meetings. This time of year seems to work for everyone.

Dr. Ketter will write a letter to members looking for a volunteer to represent WEPA on the Wisconsin State Horse Council at Columbus.

Dr. Ketover with a second by Dr. Hoester motioned to adjourn the meeting.

Respectfully Submitted,

James Schmidt, DVM