Fall Scholarship Meeting, September 19th, 2008

The meeting was called to order by Dr. Lisa Nesson following lunch at the fall WEPA meeting held at the Jefferson County fairgrounds. Dr. Nesson thanked Dr. Stephen O’Grady of the Virginia Equine Podiatry Center for speaking on the equine foot, acute and chronic laminitis, and physiologic farriery for the attending veterinarians and farriers. She also thanked all the sponsors and vendors who provided booths, covered the meal expenses and made financial donations to benefit the WEPA Memorial Scholarship Foundation.

Minutes from the January 2008 meeting were read and approved by Dr. VanAker and seconded by Dr. Peabody.

Treasurer’s report was read and approved by Dr. Borri and seconded by Dr. VanAker.

Dr. Dean Peterson gave a report on the WEPA Foundation. They are working with the UW-VMTH to offer applications for two students to attend the AAEP convention.

Old business:

  1. Dr. Nesson commented on the good turnout for this meeting. Registration was for veterinarians and farriers also. Early registration was encouraged for all veterinarians for the meetings.
  2. The state of continuing education for equine practitioners was discussed. The WVMA convention is not offering any equine CE in October. The UW-VMTH is also considering not having a CE program in January as before.

New business:

  1. Discussion continued about growing our CE programs to fill the void left by the UW and the WVMA. A CE committee was formed to include the past president and 2-3 current WEPA members. Dr. Lisa Borzynski and Dr. Jennifer Thompson volunteered to help.
  2. The current state of our website was updated. Our registered domain name is www.wepainc.org. and should be online by January. Sections could include a members only area and public information areas for nonmembers and horse owners.
  3. The new executive director of the WVMA is Kim Brown Pokorny. The officers will be meeting with her to introduce ourselves to her, discuss our group and our goals, and how we can continue our relationship with the WVMA. We would like to have her at our next meeting if possible.
  4. Delegate at Large position will open in January. We will be looking for a member to fill it at that time.
  5. Next meeting is planned for January 17, 2009 in Madison. Details for topic and exact location to be determined.

Business meeting was adjourned by a motion from Dr. Elford and seconded by Dr. VanAker.

Respectfully submitted,
Tani Ketter D.V.M.