Fall Scholarship Meeting, September 20th, 2013

Matt Schaefer, Vice President, called the business meeting to order. Minutes from the Winter/Spring meeting were approved as submitted. The financials were reviewed and approved as submitted.

New Business:
In the absence of a Foundation board member, Cheryl gave a brief foundation report, going over the items discussed during the teleconference meeting in June. Two AAEP convention scholarships of $ 500 will be awarded to UW – Madison veterinary students, and an additional $ 500 will be given to the student AAEP group to help defer expenses for others to attend the annual convention. $ 2000 has been given to the state 4-H group to sponsor their two horse shows. The Equitarian experience group also received two $ 250 scholarships to sponsor attendees on the summer trip.

Membership was asked for a volunteer to head the education committee to research and secure speakers for future CE meetings. Dr Clare Ryan accepted a request to present at the Winter/Spring meeting.

Discussion on the website ensued; content is primarily meeting announcements and scholarship winners, with occasional pertinent industry information added in.

Dr Dean Peterson presented Dr Howard Cook with a plaque honoring him for his lifetime achievements as an equine veterinarian and his contributions to WEPA as a founding father and supporting member of the scholarship fund.

Motion to adjourn was offered and accepted.

Respectfully submitted,

Kevin Nelson, Secretary/Treasurer