Fall Scholarship Meeting, September 27th, 2007

The fall continuing education seminar was attended by 20 veterinarians and 5 vet students, and 6 drug or veterinary supply companies were represented. Following a lecture by Dr. David Frisbie concerning perineural anesthesia and intraarticular injections, the business meeting was called to order by Vice-president Dr Nesson, as president Dr. Ketover was out of town. Dr. Nesson stated that everyone should have a blue copy of the minutes from the Jan 2007 meeting.

The first order of business was to correct the error in the minutes stating the date of today’s meeting to be September 21, 2007 in lieu of September 29. Dr. Peterson made a motion to accept the corrected minutes and Dr. Skaife offered a second.

Old Business:
The large animal rescue course scheduled for June 2007 was cancelled due to lack of responses. The WEPA winter meeting will again be held in conjunction with continuing education on January 19, 2008 at the Sheraton Madison Hotel. The topic is Practice Management with Sue A Schmidt EA of Marsha Heinke Inc.and is being sponsored by Milburn Equine.
The fall 2008 program is scheduled for September 19, 2008.

New Business:
Discussion ensued on how to contact WEPA members and how to increase membership. There was also discussion on how to provide continuity to our clients when there is an infectious disease outbreak. Dr. Sarah Carlson suggested we use the statement from AAEP and forward the information via email.

The next topic was that Dr. Ketover will be leaving Wisconsin State Horse Council and we needed to make a decision about how involved we want to be in this organization. If we pay the $100 fee, we will be voting members and need to have representation at the meetings; if we go for the $40 fee, we will be part of the group without voting privileges. The Wisconsin State Horse Council has gone from monthly meetings to quarterly meetings and if anyone is interested in representing WEPA they should indicate this interest.

Dr. Elmer asked the group to think of future speakers or wet labs they would find beneficial. Suggestions: dental, laceration repair, colic…..medical care, neonatal/ reproduction.

Dr. Ketter discussed the treasurer’s report and asked if there were any additions or corrections. Dr Skaife made a motion to accept the report and Dr. Burcham seconded the motion.

Dr. Nesson then asked Dr. Peterson for the WEPA Foundation Report. Dr. Peterson stated the organization was no longer in the red and had $1400.00. Dr. Meyer will need a replacement in the Spring election as he does not want another 3 year term.

It was asked if there were any legislative issues: No response from membership.

Dr. Nesson said it is very important for people to register early for our semi-annual meetings and noted the registration deadline for the winter business seminar is December 14, 2007.

There was no other new business so Dr. Schwisow made a motion to adjourn. Dr. Peterson seconded.

Respectfully submitted
Dr. J. Elmer