Spring Meeting 1998

WEPA Spring Meeting

1998 (No date)


Call to order: Bill Lindsay


No minutes – Dental program was a joint effort with U of W Veterinary School.  Short discussion followed concerning the quality of the program (very good), the cost (more expensive than our usual meetings), and whether future programs should be considered.  Point being with no business meeting there is a loss of continuity, no officers elected and even though encouraged, no new members gained.


Treasury contained $ 7,000.00


New Business:

FFA – The yearly ¼ sponsorship jumped to $ 660.00/year.  Other options which still supported the FFA were also in the $ 500.00 range.  The following discussion centered around the fact that the students being helped were not and may not be veterinarians or veterinarian students.  It was moved and passed unanimously that the WEPA would no longer financially support a FFA program.

Brian Oetjen Scholarship: Yearly donations of $ 350 to help defray costs of veterinary students attending the AAEP meeting.  Members present felt this was a worthy cause and unofficially agreed that monies be re-routed from the FFA into this scholarship.

Membership in the WSHC was again discussed and following Dean Peterson’s presentation concerning a difference of opinion between our two groups over the availability and administrations of rabies vaccine (the Council feels Rabies vaccine should be an OTC vaccine) – the group voted to re-establish our membership with a short note explaining our opinion.

No one has been contacted concerning veterinarian services for the Midwest Horse Fair.  There had been some discussion with members that the fee charged was high and possible they would look elsewhere.  At that time it was unanimously passed that the Horse Fair exhibit and booth be abandoned this year.

Again the issue of poor/small attendance to the WEPA meetings was discussed.  Several opinions and ideas were presented, such as:

–          Meeting in the northern part of the state are always poorly attended.

–          Meeting announcements need to be in the veterinary newsletter to gain new members and better exposure.

–          An executive secretary as well as longer office terms without the stair step promotion would help maintain continuity.  At this time, Bill Lindsay was unable to convince any of his contacts that this job would be the missing piece in their life.  Again – a winning campaign is still to be found.

Officers:  Bill Lindsay – President

Bob Downing – Agreed to take Travis Henry’s position as Vice-President

Betsy Miller – Secretary/Treasurer (generally split, but no other candidates)

Delegate at Large not filled – position lines up veterinarians for the horse shows and the Midwest Horse Fair, which we have no requests for.


Educational meeting – Thank you Bob Dippold and Bayer for the local arrangements.

Dr Jerry Black presented a very experienced, down to earth approach to the hurting equine athlete from topicals to systemics to intra-articular treatments.  Those of you who missed this are going to be sorry!