Spring Meeting April 1997

WEPA Minutes Spring Meeting


April 27, 1997


The 1997 spring meeting for WEPA took place Sunday, April 27, 1997 at the Radisson Inn, Green Bay.  Dr Nat White, the speaker, approached colic with a unique twist.  Much of the session involved more of a question/answer approach with the 8 WEPA members and 3-4 technicians. (Note: Cost of this meeting – $ 2561.50)


The business meeting traveled through many topics, as follows:


LEGAL – Dr Dean Peterson: awaiting clarification of legalities concerning record release and transfer.

ATTRACTING NEW MEMBERS – Possible work on keeping current members; need to re-evaluate the north meetings; time of year important in meeting attendance: spring meeting – Feb, fall meeting – Nov.

HORSE COUNCIL: Yearly membership (dues $100) approved

–          Will request minutes to several WEPA officers

–          Still problems with finding a reliable representative from the WEPA due primarily to the time demands. Several members felt representation was important.

–          Will plan to get a list of meeting times and places.

HORSE FAIR: Dr Downing approached the Horse Fair as a Horse Show asking $ 28 per hour, through with the WEPA received $ 1176 (42 hrs).

$ 1176.00

–          195.00 booth fee

–            58.50 electric

992.20 net

As in horse shows those participating were reimbursed – the decision was made to allow $7 per hour mainly to cover traveling expenses.  Total of 85 hours – leaving $ 397.20. – Some concerns: The Fair had problems contacting Drs due to problems with pagers – decision made that individual in charge needs to request needed information from horse fair such as where to report, how pagers will be handled, etc – too much confusion.  Also some opinions from Horse Fair “people” that veterinary on ground service was expensive.


BRIAN OETJEN FUND: Passed to donate $ 350/year for 5 years.  The fund will be used to assist Senior Veterinary Students in attending the annual AAEP.


NOVEMBER MEETING: 2-day dental seminar Nov 15 and 16 at the U of W.  The meeting will be open to other practitioners – need to check with Judy about early registration etc to give WEPA members first chance.


OFFICERS OF WEPA: New thought: officer positions should be 2 plus year appointments – too easy to lose continuity with 1-year terms.  Recommendation was made that checks require two signatures.  (Still open for debate).


Again a permanent WEPA Secretary was discussed – an individual who in addition to secretarial work would also keep the books, be in charge of the mailing list, handle horse shows and the horse fair, and would be in charge of increasing membership and keeping current members.

The greatest concern – cost.  Several people were mentioned.  Dr Lindsay will be checking into possibilities and expense.


So end the minutes of the Spring 1997 WEPA meeting.


Betsy Miller

Treasurer, WEPA