Spring Meeting, January 16th, 2010

The spring meeting of the Wisconsin Equine Practitioners Association was called to order by president Dr. Jean Elmer. The business meeting was held in conjunction with a continuing education seminar conducted by Dr Travis Henry on equine dental protocol including a wet lab.

Correction of future fall meeting dates to October 1, 2010, September 20, 2011 and October 5, 2012 to were made to the minutes of the fall meeting. Motion by Dr. Peterson and seconded by Dr. Elford to approve the minutes as corrected.
Financial reports for both WEPA and WEPA Foundation were read. As the WEPA Foundation stands alone, it was advised the scholarships line be deleted from WEPA report and left on the WEPA Foundation report. Motion by Dr. Krempasky and seconded by Dr. Hartmann to approve the financial reports.
Thank you to Nutrena and Pfizer for their sponsorship of this spring meeting.
Thank you to Dr. Travis Henry for an excellent equine dentistry presentation.
Thank you also to Wisconsin Equine as the host site for the meeting.
And finally thank you to the Continuing Education Committee for their work.
Dr. Peterson gave the foundations report. He thanked Dr. Larry Mahr for his years of service to the foundation. He nominated Dr. Judy Batker to replace Dr. Mahr. Dr. Lisa Borzynski seconded the nomination and Dr. Batker was elected to the foundation board by the membership.

The foundation stands separate from WEPA therefore contributions to the foundation are tax deductible.

Thank you to Cheryl for giving stability and service to both the WEPA Foundation and WEPA.

Katy Vogel and Katy LeVasseur were $500 scholarship winners this year. Katy LeVasseur gave a presentation of her Las Vegas AAEP meeting experience and thanked the foundation for the scholarship.
Discussion followed on increasing the amount of the scholarship to promote more student participation in the program. O.A.A. emails notice of the scholarships to 3rd and 4th year students.

Dr. Peterson talked of using funds to increase exposure of WEPA by supporting equine and youth activities. The Wisconsin 4H Horse Association is a worthy area to invest $1,500-$2,000 yearly. The state 4H horse show, education programs for 4H leaders, and the Horse Expo are areas WEPA could have banners and literature besides financial support. The Wisconsin Horse Council also supports this organization.

Dr. Peterson also advised setting up an interest bearing account for some of the funds.

Old Business
Dr. Ketter and Dr. Elmer met with the Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing board, and Pam Stalk, lawyer with the enforcement division, in November. They didn’t feel that a clear answer was presented on the use of compounded drugs in Wisconsin. The F.D.A. and the U.S.D.A. have rules on use of compounded drugs where approved commercial products are available.
Compounded bute powder can be administered to a specific horse that won’t take commercial products.

It was stated that some products don’t have the level of the drug on the label.
The compounded bute issue is dropped by the state for the time being.

New Business
Dr. Rob Blohowiak was nominated for delegate at large by Dr. Peterson and seconded by Dr. Batenhorst. Dr. Elford with a second by Dr. VanAcker motioned to close nominations. Dr. Blohowiak was elected by the membership. Cheryl gave a report that we are missing meeting minutes previous to 1995.
There wasn’t an interest in posting old financial reports.

Discussion of issues to be posted on the home page of the website, i.e.: CEM, compounded bute or other current issues. Motion by Dr. Hartmann with a second by Dr. Norby to adjourn.

Respectfully submitted
Jim Schmidt, D.V.M.