Winter/Spring Business Meeting, February 22nd, 2014

Amended Minutes from WEPA Inc meeting February 22, 2014

President Rob Blohowiak welcomed attending membership after lunch at the Winter/Spring continuing education seminar featuring Dr Clare Ryan and Dr Erin McConachie presenting on Equine Cardiopulmonary Disorders.

Minutes from the Fall Scholarship meeting were reviewed and approved after a motion by Jennifer Lorenz and seconded by Mark VanAcker.

The treasurer’s report was reviewed and approved after a motion from Dr McKichan and seconded by Dr Lorenz.

Wes Elford presented the Foundation report, referring to the minutes presented from the January 14, 2014 board meeting. He recapped the distribution of funds and amounts: $1,500 to SCAAEP, $2000 to the WI state 4-H Horse Association, and 2 – $500 scholarships to the Equitarian group. Students who attended the national AAEP convention in December 2013 spoke about their experiences. Kara Gebhardt, a 4th year veterinary student at UW-Madison called her first AAEP experience amazing. Chelsea Crawford, a 3rd year veterinary student at UW-Madison, also called her first time experience amazing, and that she enjoyed attending the seminars on smart phone cardiology and found the student programs interesting.

In Dr Batker’s absence, Dr Jon Geiche spoke briefly about his trips with the Equitarian experience. He joined the Pine Ridge group several times and enjoyed seeing positive results over a period of time as they returned and saw clients they had previously treated. He was happy to see the group had grown to include students. Names were drawn from the group of applicants who had applied for the two $500 scholarships; Lauren Pasch and Kara Gebhardt were happy recipients of this year’s awards.

Drs Lorenz and McKichan were working on ways to get the student AAEP chapter more involved with our WEPA group. They had been tasked to explore interest in externship opportunities among WEPA members. They pointed to the statistic of 41% of equine vets being solo practitioners and could use hands-on help. Dr Blohowiak cited the veterinary school’s need for ambulatory rotations in equine practices – “selectives” is their term. The WVMA asked state clinics to help with selectives for the students. They will continue to seek interested vet practices for opportunities to work with the students.

As this was Dr Elford’s last meeting as a member of the Foundation board, he nominated Dr Mary Hanrahan to the Foundation. Dr Hanrahan was elected unanimously and accepted the position.

Dr Kevin Nelson and one of his co-workers are working on engaging a speaker for the fall Scholarship meeting. The next seminar is scheduled for September 19, 2014.

Dr Lorenz nominated Andrea Gade as the new member-at-large for the WEPA Inc board of directors. Dr Gade was elected and accepted the position.

Dr McKichan proposed to change meeting fees for newly graduated equine vets to encourage them to attend and participate in WEPA Inc seminars. She suggested they could attend the bi-annual meetings for free for two years post-graduation with their paid annual memberships as long as they attended at least two meetings within the same year. Dr Lorenz made the motion and Dr Elford seconded it; the motion passed.

Dr Lorenz is heading a SCAAEP panel at their monthly meeting being held on March 10th. The externships will be discussed and a list will be put together of clinics interested in participating.

Dr Lorenz will also find out who our student representative from the SCAAEP will be.

Cheryl Kopacz has been tasked with setting up a closed Face Book group for current paid WEPA members.

Dr JR Lund asked for support for veterinary techs and their associated programs. She works with MATC and Globe outreach. The meeting was then adjourned.