Winter Meeting, January 29th, 2011

The winter business meeting of WEPA Inc was brought to order by President Jim Schmidt at 1 pm on Jan 29, 2011; the meeting was held in conjunction with the continuing education seminar at the Holiday Inn Madison at the American Center.

Motion to approve the minutes from the Fall Scholarship meeting was made by Mark VanAcker, seconded by Jim Schmidt. Approved as submitted. Motion to approve the treasurer’s report was made by Wes Elford, seconded by Jean Elmer. Approved as submitted.

Old Business:
WEPA Logo: Mary Krempasky has artwork; the board is to meet and approve the version to be placed on the banner. M. VanAcker offered some creative thoughts. M. Hanrahan knows of an equine artist she would contact and get back to the board. She would like dimensions of the banner. The board is scheduled to meet by March to make the final decision.

Continuing Education Committee: L. Borzynski accepted the nomination to continue organizing the continuing education seminars. She asked for suggestions for what the membership would like to see in future meetings.

New Business:
Judy Batker introduced WEPA Foundation board members, explained a little bit of what the foundation is set up to accomplish, where the foundation funds come from, and how they use the funds to support continuing education for veterinary medical students and 4-H youth interested in equine pursuits.

Nominations were accepted to replace Dean Peterson on the foundation board of directors. Wes Elford accepted after being nominated by Judy Batker, and seconded by Mary Hanrahan. Dr Elford was unanimously elected. It was noted that Dr Bob Magnus has one more year on the board. Judy took her seat a year ago and has two more years.

We heard a brief report from Jamie Zimmerman, one of the two veterinary students from UW-M who attended the annual AAEP meeting in December. A thank you note was read from the other recipient, Victoria Gnadt, who was unable to attend the day of the seminar.

Dr Batker then gave a report on her recent trip to Veracruz, Mexico, as a participant in an equitarian workshop. Her experience with the group was very interesting, as she explained the purpose of the workshop was to offer veterinary services to the burrows and horses that do much of the farm work in communities with little or no medical services. Dr Batker said the group was a mix of 20 veterinarians from the US, 20 Mexican students and 20 Mexican veterinarians. Jim Schwisow asked if this would be something WEPA should be involved with in some monetary way. Dr Batker will check to see if any student based projects were planned for future efforts. Dr Batker was also asked if she could prepare an article that could be posted on the WEPA webpage.

Wes Elford spoke briefly on his role on the rules committee of the WVMA regarding the practice act, dealing with non-licensed individuals doing treatments and promotion of non-veterinarian practice controlled activities. Matt Schaeffer opined on a “para professional” practicing in his area, how he tried to no avail to get local and state representatives to get involved in stopping the person, and licensing bureaus wouldn’t do anything either. Veterinarians are sometimes seen as an expensive option vs. a partner in treatment. Dr Batker stated that Kim Pokorny at WVMA wants to work closer with WEPA to bring issues to the table for discussion. It was suggested she come to the fall meeting to go over laws within the practice act that will define what is allowed and what isn’t. She said that Kim Pokorny would also like to reinstate CE credits at WVMA meetings, with targeted sessions vs. 3-4 topics.

Nominations were offered for Delegate at Large. Wes Elford, seconded by Jean Elmer, nominated Matt Schaeffer. Dr Elmer then motioned to close nominations, seconded by Mary Hanrahan. Dr Schaeffer was unanimously elected.

Wes Elford motioned the meeting to adjourn, Lisa Borzynski seconded.

Respectfully submitted,
Cheryl Kopacz on behalf of Rob Blohowiak, Secretary