Winter Spring Meeting, January 19th, 2008

The meeting was called to order by Dr Howard Ketover following lunch at the Practice Management Seminar held at the Madison Sheraton. Dr Ketover thanked Sue Schmidt, EA Director, Tax and Accounting, Practice Management Consultant with the office of Marsha Heinke, CPA. He also thanked Milburn Equine representative Nicole Jensen for their sponsorship of Ms Schmidt, and to Cheryl Kopacz for her contributions to the organization.

First order of business: The minutes from the September 2007 meeting were approved by Dr Nesson, and seconded by Dr Schmidt.

Treasurer’s Report was read: Dr Nesson motioned acceptance of the report and Dr Batker seconded the motion.

Foundation Report: Dr Meyer gave the report: financially, the beginning balance for 2007 was $1473.21, with an ending balance of $ 1944.46.

Currently, the foundation offers two $ 400 scholarships to UW-SVM 3rd or 4th year vet students to defray the cost of attending the AAEP meetings. At the September WEPA designated scholarship meeting, twelve vendors paid for tables with the monies going to the Foundation to fund the scholarships. With their contributions, the Foundation is no longer in the red and WEPA Inc has been reimbursed for the foundation set-up costs. Dr Meyer proposed to increase the scholarships to $ 500 per student; Dr Magnus made a motion to increase the individual scholarships from $ 400 to $ 500 per student; Dr Ketover seconded the motion. Motion was carried. Dr Ketover stated the selection of candidates for the scholarships should be made by the foundation committee. Dr Nesson offered that it has traditionally been the Delegate at Large making the selection. The motion was made and passed for the Foundation committee of Drs Meyer, Peterson and Mahr to make the selection of the scholarship recipients along with the WEPA Inc Delegate at Large attending.

Last year’s student attendees to the AAEP meetings were Jennifer Lorenz and Mallory Willkom.

Dr Meyer’s Foundation term expires as of today, so nominations and election of his replacement to the Foundation is necessary.

Nominations to the Foundation Board (3 year term): Dr Meyer nominated Dr Schwissow, he declined; Dr Magnus was nominated and he accepted. Dr Magnus was elected by unanimous decision.

Motion was made by Dr Schwissow to accept the foundation report; seconded by Dr Peterson.

New Business: None

Legislative Issues to be addressed: None

State of Continuing Education for Equine in WI:

Equine surgery CE for January 2008 was cancelled at UW-SVM due to lack of interest. WVMA is considering dropping all equine CE. Dr Batker stated non-equine members are planning the CE for WVMA. Dr Meyer asked if it is a problem if WVMA drops the CE; doubted if mixed animal practitioners would get equine CE because they don’t usually go to AAEP.

Goals for WEPA:
Better organization with greater contact to members
Better visibility
Mass mailings

Dr Magnus suggested: WEPA needs to redefine why we exist; the WVMA trade show has very little for the equine practitioner. When WVMA and WEPA previously tried CE together the cost was much greater for the CE than what WEPA charges. Dr Nesson asked if WVMA drops equine CE, will they fund our CE? Dr Ketover stated, yes. The suggestion was made to have a CE committee and the question was asked if anyone was interested in helping out. The Jefferson County Fairgrounds has been reserved for the September 2008 meeting.

What are some of the benefits of joining WEPA:

Dr Schmidt asked, can we get a membership list source so we can contact people? We could have a “members only” area on our website.

Dr Batker suggested the most recent president should stay on for one year as an advisor to the board. Dr Meyer made a motion proposing the past president remain on the executive board for one year as an advisor to the board. Dr Magnus seconded the proposal; the motion was passed.

The UW Equine Club asked for WEPA representatives interested in speaking at their February 19, 2008 noon meeting. Drs Nesson, Ketover, Elmer and Krusing will attend.

Nominations for Delegate at Large on the WEPA Executive Board:

Dr Meyer nominated Dr Jim Schmidt. He accepted and all present voted their approval.

In closing, Dr Magnus proposed the Board find new purpose for WEPA; he suggested reviewing the group’s vision for the future, where the organization is going, and to continue keeping CE reasonably priced for its membership.

The business meeting was then adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Jean Elmer